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Hi, future Savannah Bluff families.  My husband, myself, and our two young children raise miniature schnauzers that range from teacup to miniature in size. We have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to share our little loves with you.  We are a small home based breeder that puts special care into selecting the healthiest puppies to raise, DNA test, and eventually pair together to produce high quality babies that go home all over the world.  This careful selection has taken us years to find the right furbabies and we are excited to see our family members become one of yours. Feel free to text or email us anytime.
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Our Services



Let us keep your puppy clean and trimmed until the are ready for their big day at the groomer.


Need a place for your Savannah Bluff baby to stay while your away?


A health guarantee is a promise from the us that your puppy is free from any genetic defects or illness now and in the future. Check out what we...

Lifetime Take Back

We offer lifetime support to our puppy’s families and will take back our puppies if the owners are unable to care for them.