A “Miniature Schnauzers” weigh between 12 – 24 pounds full grown and stand 12 – 15 inches tall to be qualified to enter the show ring. If a Miniature Schnauzer is smaller or larger then this requirement then it is considered a fault by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club. This ONLY MEANS they cannot enter the show ring for competition. Teacup and Toy Schnauzers cannot be “show dogs” but they can still have “champion bloodlines” in their pedigree if any of their past relatives met the requirements and completed the show competition with a championship title. Teacup schnauzers and toy schnauzers are miniature schnauzers and there is no separate classification for the toy and teacup sizes as of yet. This means when you register a “teacup or toy schnauzer” their registration papers will show as a purebred miniature schnauzer. The word “teacup” and “toy” is just referring to their smaller estimated adult size.

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