Our waiting list deposits are $100.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!   Once on the waiting list, you are given priority by date the deposit was received, color, and gender preference. Names of individuals who place a waiting list deposit will be posted on this page so you know your place in preparation for picking up your puppy when the time comes.

When the puppy is approximately three to four weeks old we will send you pictures and videos of your potential puppy matches.  Once you have had a chance to make a selection or pass then we move through the waiting list.  Only after all individuals on the waiting list have selected or passed, the available puppies will be posted as “available” for full reservation deposits.  Once you have selected a puppy the remaining $400 of our required $500 reservation deposit is due.  The amount paid for the waiting list and reservation deposits are deducted from the puppies’ total price.  All balances are due before the puppies leave our home.

Due to our inability to predict prices, puppies are charged at the current rates and your deposit does not hold pricing.

Suppose you are not on our waiting list but see an available puppy listed on our website or social media. In that case, you can make the full reservation deposit of $500 plus any associated fees to hold your puppy.

Please text or call before making any deposits online or via apps. I would like to discuss what you’re looking for as well as make sure we can accommodate your wishes for a new puppy.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing based on the confirmation and the color of the puppy. Prices for puppies will be quoted to you when the puppies are ready for reservation.

Active Waitlist
Name Size Sex
Tracy Hains Mini Any
Julie Kaden Mini Any